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Gun Cleaning Jag

A Gun Cleaning Jag is a specific tool used to clean firearms, specifically to hold a cleaning cloth in place inside a gun barrel.

Definition and Uses

A Gun Cleaning Jag is a spear-shaped tool used when cleaning firearms. It is usually used in conjunction with a cleaning rod to push and hold a cleaning cloth or cotton ball inside a gun barrel, thereby thoroughly removing residue, dirt, and grease from the barrel.


Design: Gun Cleaning Jags usually have a pointed head for easy insertion into the barrel, and an open or looped design at the end to hold the cleaning cloth or cotton ball.

Material: These tools are made of metal, such as brass or stainless steel, to ensure that they are durable and can maintain their shape and size during the cleaning process.

Size and Fit: Gun Cleaning Jags come in different sizes and types to fit different calibers and types of firearms. When purchasing, you should choose the right size based on your firearm model and caliber.

How to use

Preparation: Fix the cleaning cloth or cotton ball on the tail opening or ring design of the Gun Cleaning Jag.

Insert: Insert the Gun Cleaning Jag with the cleaning cloth fixed into the barrel, making sure that the cloth can completely cover the inner wall of the barrel.

Advance and rotation: Use the cleaning rod to push the Gun Cleaning Jag forward and backward in the barrel, and rotate it appropriately to ensure that the cleaning cloth can thoroughly remove the residue in the barrel.

Removal: After cleaning, carefully remove the Gun Cleaning Jag from the barrel and check the dirt on the cloth or cotton ball to evaluate the cleaning effect.


When using the Gun Cleaning Jag, please make sure to follow the correct usage and steps to avoid damage to the firearm or personal injury.

Do not use the Gun Cleaning Jag for any purpose other than cleaning the firearm to avoid damage to the tool or other unnecessary losses.

During the cleaning process, make sure that the firearm is completely unloaded and in a safe state to avoid accidents.

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