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Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun Cleaning Kit

The Gun Cleaning Kit is a set of tools designed for the care and maintenance of guns.

What it contains:
The universal gun cleaning tool kit contains brushes of various specifications for cleaning different parts of the inside and outside of the gun.
Includes oil bottles and silicone oil cloths for lubrication and rust prevention of guns.
Includes auxiliary tools such as cleaning cloths, cotton swabs, and special boxes or bags for storing tools.

Scope of application:
The Gun Cleaning Kit is suitable for most types of guns, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc.
Specially designed cleaning tools can adapt to guns of different calibers and structures.

Material and durability:
The Gun Cleaning Kit is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel wire, plastic, copper, etc. to ensure the durability and reliability of the tools.
High-quality cleaners and lubricants can protect guns from rust and corrosion.

The complete kit contains all the necessary tools for users to buy and use in one stop.
The professional design makes the cleaning process simpler and more efficient, and can completely remove dirt and carbon deposits inside the gun.
Lubrication and anti-rust treatment can extend the service life of the gun and maintain its optimal performance.

In summary, the Gun Cleaning Kit is one of the essential maintenance tools for gun enthusiasts and owners. Through correct selection and use, the gun can maintain its optimal performance and extend its service life.

Gun Cleaning Accessories

Gun Cleaning Accessories

Gun Cleaning Accessories are a series of auxiliary tools and products designed for gun cleaning and maintenance.
Basic Classification
Cleaning Rods:
Purpose: Used to pass through the barrel of a gun, with a cleaning cloth or cleaning brush for internal cleaning.
Features: Usually available in different lengths and diameters to accommodate guns of different calibers and lengths.
Bore Brushes:
Purpose: Specially used to clean the inner wall of a gun barrel to remove dirt and carbon deposits.
Material: Usually made of wire or nylon, divided into copper wire brushes and nylon brushes. Copper wire brushes are more suitable for cleaning delicate guns.
Nylon Jags and Loops:
Used to fix the cleaning cloth or cleaning cotton on the cleaning rod for easy pushing.
Protective Mats/Cloths:
Used to protect the gun from damage or scratches during the cleaning process.

Pay attention to the usage and precautions to avoid unnecessary damage to the gun.
In short, Gun Cleaning Accessories are an indispensable part of gun care and maintenance. The correct selection and use of these accessories can ensure the performance and life of the gun, while also ensuring the safety of the user.

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Shanghai Hunting Speed Industry&Trade Co., Ltd. started in the business of gun cleaning kit and other hunting accessories since 2000.Over 15 years, Hunting Speed developed into a leading manufacturer and exporter in the gun cleaning kits industry in China. Our products exported such as USA,EU,AU, and main customers are very famous in US, such as Remington®, Cabela's®, Bulldog®, Birchwood Casey® and so on. We had work together with them to develop many models to the market. We sincerely welcome you to coming to visit us !

We had our own gun brush factory in Ningbo, it was found in 2004, covers an area of 8 acres, now it is around 40 workers. It now produces about 600,000 a month. About a million a month at most.


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